Sword Cane

The sword stick, or more commonly known as the sword cane, is a weapon that has been around for some time and it is generally a cane that conceals a blade. This term, the sword cane, is commonly utilized to describe weapons from Europe that were present during the eighteenth century; aside from European weapons, weapons such as the Roman dolon, Gupti from India, and the Shikomizue from Japan are also considered as a sword stick or sword cane. This is basically a useful item since it allows the user to keep a self-defense weapon properly concealed in a normal-looking walking aid; also notice that the sword cane has become a popular weapon in Hollywood movies as well as in the collection of sword enthusiasts all over.


During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the sword cane became one of the most popular and sought-after fashion accessories utilized by wealthy individuals. During these times, openly carrying the sword canes, or generally any type of weapon, slowly became less acceptable on social occasions; yet, despite this, there were still a few upper-class men who continued to go around armed with these weapons since they were thoroughly trained in swordsmanship and wanted the sword canes for self-defense. Walking sticks and swords or knives hidden in women’s parasols or walking sticks were also something common during that time since it was even more socially unacceptable for ladies to publicly carry weapons such as swords or daggers. Also, it was even less acceptable for women to bring weapons, or admit that they knew how to use or wield these. After the introduction of such swords, other types of items called the gadget canes started becoming popular but instead if concealing a blade, these items would keep things such as flasks or even compasses for convenience.

Construction of Sword Canes

A specific type of wood is commonly used to make the sword cane and this is the Malacca wood which is mainly utilized for the cane shaft; when creating the sword cane, it is made specifically with the standard grip that is often rounded and metallic. Yet when we speak of the collector and designer canes, these are created using a variety of materials so there are sword canes with sterling silver handles that also come with wooden shafts that are made out of strong and durable wood which includes bamboo and Malacca wood. These are also made with beautiful ornate designs just like animal heads, skulls, roses, and other different types of emblems which are intricately carved into these wooden handles. The designs could give the carrier a more difficult time bringing these items around but despite this, a lot of people find the designs and style attractive, thus simply ignoring the fact that these sword canes can become tedious to carry around. Additionally, these weapons are mostly made of stainless steel and blades that seem to have a rapier’s point.

Although there are a variety of mechanisms that are present to properly lock the sword cane’s blade in place, there are still known accidents that occasionally occur with its simple push to release system; aside from this, there are also other mechanisms that work such as the double-lock and twist-locking system.

Legality of Sword Canes

The legality of the sword cane has always been a municipal and state issue instead of it being a federal one; this only means that there are varying rules depending on the state one lives in or which state one travels to (with the sword cane); additionally, there are also different nuances present depending on the municipality an individual is in. As a general rule, a large number of states consider the sword cane as a concealed weapon, so if an individual is caught carrying one, even if it is used just as a walking stick, the carrier will be given a large fine or worse, jail time. Furthermore, there are also certain state laws that constrain people from carrying or even owning such weapons and areas that implement these laws include Arkansas and California.

Regarding the legality of these swords, when checking out details and information with the right authority, it is necessary for the clarity and conciseness on the difference regarding carrying and/ or owning the weapon with or without a certain permit. To ensure and acquire proper information regarding these laws, it would be best to contact the state’s Department of Public Safety for inquiries and such; after, contact the manufacturer of the sword – if they have a few state locations, they will automatically know about the important laws that are connected with the ownership and importing of these weapons.  Also, you would want to know the relevant and important laws that are related to concealed weapons since the legality of actually using and owning these, as well as utilizing the weapons in public all depends on the enumeration and definition of rules regarding concealed weapons.

If by any chance the sword cane or any of its other related names is part of the list even by specific mention, then carrying or owning the said weapon is considered illegal. Even if the name of the weapon is not included on the list, it is still best to ensure that the weapon does not fall or is not included in the principle of “ejusdem generis” which basically means things of similar character or are part of the same class can be considered as such.

Custom Sword Cane

Sword canes feature ingeniously intricate designs that have always been the best aspect of these weapons and enthusiast of weapons or walking sticks definitely know of these meticulously designed and crafted pieces. For those who wish to have such pieces added to their collection, the availability of a custom sword cane is present and there are selections that include a variety of styles and designs; there are ergonomically-designed sword canes or sword walking sticks, the lightweight aluminum or classic canes, as well as the handcrafted cane swords that are created by highly-skilled artisans. There are beautifully made custom sword canes available and you can find some of the best pieces right in Katanas for Sale. The sword canes from Katanas for Sale are made only from the highest-quality and authentic materials which is why the sword canes are extremely strong and durable; plus, the swords also feature handles that offer a comfortable grip so these can definitely be utilized for self-defense. This is most especially essential for individuals taking a stroll in the evening to enjoy city nights or simply walking around the block alone.


You will not go wrong with swords from Katanas for Sale since we offer exquisitely-detailed sword canes that are handmade to perfection. The sword canes are perfect for self-defense and also for support especially when individuals are traveling alone or during unsafe hours in the night. These weapons are generally made out of high-quality handcrafted brass fittings which do not only offer a beautifully made weapon but it is also strong and durable enough to withstand rough or rigorous treatment – definitely perfect as an everyday walking cane or self-defense tool.

The weapon, aside from being a great item for self-defense and support, is also known to be great for sparring, and because of the featured solid shafts that also work as an additional weapon, Katanas for Sale’s sword canes are definitely one to have in your collection. However, always keep in mind that before taking this out in public, ensure that the state you are in allows carrying such to avoid any unwanted issues or problems in the future.