Spyderco Knives

Who does not have a folding knife in this day and age? It is probably one of the most useful tools around and surely you also agree with this. If you look around in the market, you will see that there are a ton of different brands that offer folding knives but there is a specific one that is probably the most recognizable brand of all – Spyderco, the company that makes folded knives with blades that look like leaves, as well as an aggressive type of styling which makes it really unique and noticeable even from across the room.

Spyderco is a company that was founded in the year 1976 by a man named Sal Glesser in Golden, Colorado. The first thing that they ever made was called the Portable Hand which is one steel equipment that can fit your palm perfectly. If you take a look at the item, you will notice that it sort of looks like an arachnoid, hence their company’s name, Spyderco. Time passed and the brilliance of Glesser’s ideas grew even better, only proving that he was definitely capable when it comes to creating knives compared to tools. They basically excelled in the creation of these knives; so subsequently, Spyderco took over a very large portion of the market of folding knives.

If you are just getting into the hype of collecting or using these kinds of knives, it will only take some time for you to become aware and learn more about Spyderco. Yes, there are a ton of other knife manufacturers out there that are good but Spyderco is a company that exists in a class just by itself; the company has gained a large number of fans all over the world and whether it is the style of their knives or the durability and efficiency of these, everyone who is part of the knife community is a fan or has at least a favorite blade from Spyderco; this will also most likely apply to you once you get further into these amazing tools.

Take a look at the quality of their knives before and the Spyderco knives today, you will see that the same quality is still featured in each one of their products and every individual who helps create these put in the same dedication and effort to be able to create something extremely amazing, never failing to pay attention to all the necessary details just to produce knives of the highest quality. You definitely cannot deny that their tools are loved by every knife enthusiast – from the amateur ones to the pros, and this is because of their excellence when it comes to creating these tools. Spyderco utilizes an excellent locking mechanism as well as premium, high-quality materials to create their tools but despite this, they still give you a reasonable price which is why a lot of people aim to have at least one of their knives in their collection. You will not go wrong with their products so if you want to really do knives the right way, then you definitely need to get your hands on one of the best Spyderco knives around.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

One of the very best Spyderco knives that a lot of enthusiasts are after is the Paramilitary 2; the knife was given 4.7 out of five stars in a certain review which is proof that the Parliamentary 2 is something worth the bang for your buck. You are thinking why it is among the hit items of Spyderco? Well, it is definitely lightweight which makes it easy to use, plus, it is also very quick to flip out so you can make great use of it in the kitchen. Want to know its features? Of course you do, just so you know what makes the Paramilitary 2 one of the very best from Spyderco: the knife has a great extra sharpness to it and it can also resist corrosion; plus, it also has the features of a serrated blade without really being serrated. What else could you ask for? If you need a knife that can easily cut through ropes like these were apples, then the Parliamentary 2 is definitely one that will suit your needs. Hold up though if you plan to use the knife in the kitchen; serrated blades aren’t great for dicing and slicing various ingredients; instead, these are perfect knives for outdoor use.

Spyderco Tenacious

Want a knife made of high-quality craftsmanship that comes with style and at a reasonable price? You are definitely in for the Spyderco Tenacious, the folding knife that is adored by every knife enthusiast in almost every part of the world. Aside from being cost-efficient and easy to use, Tenacious can clearly go against the more expensive folding knives because of its 8CR13MOV steel blade, as well as its G-10 handle. Definitely a quick and easy-to-handle folding knife, but it is not as slim as most of the Spyderco knives available; consider it as a great a working knife.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2

If you spot the Dragonfly 2, you might think that it is one of those undersized folding knives that do not really provide you with the necessary grip needed to do things; this is one shopping mistake that you should not make since the Dragonfly 2 is more than you think. The knife features the VG10 stainless steel blade that is conveniently light and easy to use; also, it may be a little folding knife but you can definitely be sure that it can handle heavy work with ease.

Spyderco Domino

Use and flick the Spyderco Domino a couple of times and you will know why a lot of people love this quick, efficient, and deadly knife. The Domino features a completely flat ground blade that offers a great cutting surface which is held nicely through its CTS XHP steel construction.

Spyderco Delica 4

A knife from Spyderco that was made in Japan; it costs around sixty dollars but you can definitely expect excellent quality since the Japanese know their stuff. They know what they need to do to produce excellent knives so you can expect that the Delica 4 is one top-notch knife from Spyderco that makes for the best tool in the kitchen. If you are someone who often works in the kitchen, then this is definitely one of the highly recommended Spyderco knives for you. If you are a chef or someone who just enjoys cooking, you will be able to efficiently cut, slice, and dice with this blade. The only downside of this knife would be the sharpness of its blade – when a blade gets too sharp, it tends to be brittle so it can basically break easily.

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