Skinning Knife

Every hunter and adventurer want to exhibit their catch, but if you plan to cleanly and neatly remove your big game’s hide, you will need to get your hands on a good skinning knife to get the job done right. Skinning knives are those tools that accurately cut while providing you with a secure grip; and usually, these types of knives almost have a thin, short, and arched blade that will comfortably let you skin without the blade actually spearing the meat or puncturing the hide.

The skinner knife or more commonly known as the skinning knife is something that is made just for skinners and this usually appears to have a wide and relatively short blade for better use. Its edge is generally strong but it does not really have enough spring or flexibility; though it is used for numerous tasks, the skinning knives are more of hunting tools than weapons so the blades of these need to be extremely sharp at all times. Don’t forget that the blades should also hold an edge that will last for a long time.

Every hunter needs to have their skinning knives on hand and these are items that need to be readily available at all times. Who would want to fight and do various things with a knife that is dull? No one and this is the reason why the skinning knife is the best bet for all hunters around; get a knife that is sharp, efficient, and can get the job done in a snap.

Wondering what the best skinning knives are? Here is a list of some of the best, might as well get some of these and add them to your collection of knives.

Bark River Fox

This is probably one of the very best and highly notable production skinning knife that is available in the market today since it features a full length of 8 ¼-inches including a durable drop point blade that measures at 4 ¼-inches. The blade is made from either A2 or CPM 3V high-carbon steel or the highly popular Elmax stainless steel which is an authentic blade that is very identical to the CPM S30V; the blade is also made to perfection by featuring a hardened 58-60 HRC that also includes a Flat Grind. What is the use of the Flat Grind? Well, it basically allows all of the blades to get honed perfectly to acquire a very fine edge and each one of these will be able to hold a perfect edge for a long period of time. Another excellent feature of this skinning knife is that it has a full-tang construction while simultaneously having an ergonomic grip with handle scales of your choice; you can actually choose your preferred color of linen Micarta, or you can also select the type of material to create the handle of your knife: choices include exotic hardwood or the known Sambar Stag.

Buck Model 113 Ranger Skinner

Hunters who want to go for much smaller skinning knives can choose Buck’s 113 Ranger Skinner, a perfect choice for skinning smaller or even medium-sized game. The Ranger Skinner, if you compare this to other Buck knife models, is probably the prettiest and most well-designed skinning knife around. The Model 113 Ranger Skinner from Buck is one of the very few that stands out from the crowd.

The knife features a full-length of around 7 ¼-inches that also has a Drop Point blade design which has a length of about 3 1/8-inches. Its blade is made from 420HC high-carbon stainless steel that has been made and hardened to 58 HRC; furthermore, this is a blade that has a Hollow Grind with a beautifully arched Plunge Line as well as a moderate Ricasso. To add more to this, its perfectly designed blade is perfectly complemented by its Full Tang construction that is accompanied by quality brass bolsters and a handle with an excellent ergonomic design. Lastly, the 113 Ranger Skinner also includes a perfectly designed and finely-made leather sheath.

Piranta Edge Z Skinning Knife

Unlike the numerous Buck Knife models, Havalon’s Piranta skinning knife exhibits a cool and modern design that is accompanied by a durable plastic handle as well as changeable blades – this is what makes this knife stand out compared to other skinning knives in the market since not all can change their blades in a snap. Another great thing about the blade is it isn’t really meant to be sharpened and instead, you will need to replace the whole blade with something new if it ever gets to its dull point. Take a look at reviews about this knife and most of these are positive information from customers; this is because the reviewers continue praising the tool because of it being lightweight while having a very sharp edge.

CRKT K700KXP Ken Onion Skinner

CRKT or the Columbia River Knife and Tool are highly popular because of their knives’ sharpness and high-quality performance; and just like the K700KXP, it is made from genuine and high-quality K110 steel to allow the knife to execute excellent skinning performance. Since it has an extremely razor-sharp edge, the K700KXP can easily slice and dice through any game. This is because the knife features a three-quarter tang along with a double-injected molded handle. Furthermore, the knife also comes with a finely-made black leather sheath that has a belt to let you strap this around your waist. The highlight of this skinning knife is its weight, weighing only around 3.7 ounces, the K700KXP is extremely light and easy to handle without giving you any discomfort while working on your game.

Outdoor Edge Swingblade SB-10N Skinning/Gutting Knife

One of the skinning knives that is part of a lot of people’s top list; the Outer Edge Swingblade SN-10N is an excellent skinning knife that features a blade that rotates smoothly to properly gut and skin your game. A quick push on its lock button will instantly turn this skinning knife into a gutting blade which will definitely allow you to cut and gut with ease. Aside from its rotating blade, it is also made out of the extremely sharp blade material called the AUS-8 steel which allows the skinning knife to hold its edge for a longer time. Another highlight of the SB-10N Skinning / Gutting knife is its handle which is made from high-quality rubber that will provide you with a firm yet comfortable grip that allows you to work with ease and without having to worry about the knife slipping out of your hands. Lastly, this knife comes with a quality-made nylon belt sheath to keep the knife safe and protected when not in use.

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