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David Morrell was in college when he started writing “First Blood” which was then published in the year 1972; in 1980, the hit movie that had the same name as the book was released when Carolco Pictures was able to hire Sylvester Stallone to star as the leading character in the story, John Rambo. Many think that Stallone only played out his role in the movie, but he did more than just act since he also wrote the movie’s screenplay. And although Rambo from the book did not really carry a knife and also died in the story, the movie version of the character flaunted a huge survival knife that ended up becoming just as big of a star as Rambo who survived and appeared in the show’s sequels.

Lots of people watched the movie, but if you aren’t familiar with this, it was followed by three sequels and these were namely Rambo: First Blood Part 2 which was shown in 1985 where Stallone wrote the screenplay and Rambo 3 which appeared in the year 1988 and was then written by Stallone himself. In 2008, Rambo came out and this was written and even directed by Stallone. If you think about it, David Morrell seemed to have gotten some inspiration from the movies, so he wrote the novels for both Rambo 2 and Rambo 3 which were based on the movies’ screenplays. If you were wondering if all the movies had Rambo carrying a big knife, yes, John Rambo was actually featured in all of the movies carrying a big knife which was custom-made for each of the films; and ever since these tools were featured, the Rambo knives have become contemporary to the community of knife collectors and enthusiasts – this was how the Rambo knives began.

If you want to have your own set of these awesome tools, here are the best Rambo knives for sale that you can readily choose from based on your needs:

Rambo First Blood

Just by looking at the design and appearance of the Rambo First Blood Knife, you will notice that it was generally based on the style of survival knives during the era of the Vietnam War; not only that but these types of knives were also mostly used by pilots for numerous purposes. What makes this really cool is that this popular Rambo knife is made from stainless steel and to make things even better, a compass is present right at the bottom of the knife. Take a look at the pommel/butt of the knife and you will find the compass there; inside the handle, amazingly, is a waterproof-made compartment where you can find a survival kit that you can use for emergencies and such. This is not only the notable thing about this knife, its blade is one of the sharpest, and found above the blade are fourteen saw-like teeth that is great for cutting things like wood, metal, barbed wire, and even meat. You won’t go wrong with this one – the Rambo knife has a perfect finish and fit that was obsessively made to perfection, its attention to detail is excellent, and considering its price, it is even better than other knives available.

Rambo II

This is the other survival Rambo knife created and considered as a last-resort tool that will be great help for surviving in the wilderness; it is also something very useful during emergency situations when all of your primary equipment have been lost. Similar to the Rambo First Blood, the Rambo 2 was designed based on a classic aviator knife that people used during World War II, as well as the Vietnam pilots; it was part of their emergency kits plus its handle is equipped with a special aluminum screw-on and non-magnet pommel that works great as a lid. Another very useful thing about this knife is that inside the pommel, you will find a precision compass while its exterior holds a finely pointed glass breaker that is made of quality metal. The Rambo knife’s handle is also enclosed with a good, sturdy nylon cordage in black and it features a guard that has a flat screwdriver, a Phillips head, as well lashing holes. The blade of the Rambo II are highly notable since it is made from stainless steel and is fixed with a Bowie clip point and saw teeth; if you are concerned with the shade and its appearance, the Rambo II is primarily featured in black.

Rambo 3 Knife

The Rambo 3 knife is measured at eighteen inches. Yes, you got that right, eighteen inches where its blade is made of 440C stainless steel and measures at thirteen inches in length and the handle, five inches long; additionally, the Rambo 3 knife has a serrated edge right at the top of its blade which is just perfect when you need to cut through barbed wires and the like. If you want a knife that is insanely sharp, this is the guy for you since it has this really sharp clipped point as well as a curved belly to make light work out of the most common cutting jobs. Considering the handle, the Rambo 3 knife also features a huge finger guard that will basically help any form of slipping right on the knife’s cutting edge; also, it has a protruding end cap that prevents the knife from slipping out of your grip when using this for various cutting jobs.

Rambo 4 Machete

The Rambo IV machete is another one of the big knives and is around eighteen inches long; it has a balance point that reaches about nine inches right from its pommel thus giving a distribution of 40/60 in weight. Considering that this Rambo is a machete, you should expect it to be on the heavy side, so when you purchase this to add to your collection or just because you need it for your daily work and tasks, you will a very sharp tool; however, if you still wish to have this sharpened further, it is possible since a lot of companies offer this service for safety purposes. Again, this blade is heavy, but with regular use, you will eventually get the hang of its weight. As for its appearance, there is nothing fancy going on with the design nor are there any additional features such as saw teeth, serrations, or even finger gloves; there are also no additional items like the compass which is usually found right in the pommel. Even if this is the case, this Rambo knife is great since it is basically unbreakable.


Generally speaking, survival knives are definitely useful for campers, survival enthusiasts, hunters, and also soldiers since it is a very efficient all-in-one tool that can help get food, cook, and cut through various items; not only that but these knives can also save lives during emergencies and dangerous situations. So when it comes to choosing the best and the right Rambo knife, there will be varying opinions if you ask different knife enthusiasts and experts, but all of these choices are great since all these knives are made of high-quality materials and excellence; select the best one based on your preferences and needs so you can fully make use of the efficiency of these tools.


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