Machete for Sale

A lot of knife enthusiasts know about the greatness of the machete and in some parts of the world, this tool is basically a part of their daily lives. The machete is considered as one of the most versatile knives out there since it can act as a knife, as well as an axe; plus, another outstanding feature of the machete is that it can be used effectively for cutting while its upper blade’s weight provides just the right amount of strength that is perfect for chopping. The machete is known as a broad blade that can either be used just like an axe or just like a short sword while in combat; its blade usually measures around 13 to 17-inches in length and its thickness usually goes around 3 millimeters.

It is definitely one of the toughest knives out there and it is also one of the most useful ones which is why a ton of people aim to get their hands on a machete for sale to add to their collection. Among the most popular uses of this knife is for maintaining visible trails and cutting – a lot of people from the Americas and Southeast Asia make use of the machete to clear necessary paths and new trails especially when they travel through grassy terrains. Aside from making trails, the machete is also excellent for easy harvesting of crops like corn, sugar cane, rice, oats, buckwheat, and a lot more. Think that’s all? Definitely not, because the machete is also very good when it comes to chopping up composts into even smaller pieces that would eventually break down to how it’s supposed to be. Need something that works well for incising, carving, and copping wood? You might as well get your own machete for sale since it is also a great tool for precisely performing these tasks.

You can really see the versatility, efficiency, as well as the strength of the machete, and because of this, you can very well use this as a weapon. In the Battle of Havana, almost all of the peasant guerillas made use of the machete for battle as well as to defend their city; they also used the same weapons to ward off the Spaniards who attempted to occupy Cuba in other battles. If you have gained some interest in this tool and wish to have some cool machetes in your collection, here is a list of some of the best machete for sale that you can include in your assemblage.

Condor Tool and Knife

This machete is made of the 1075 high-carbon steel blade combined with an eye-catching high-quality hardwood handle that has changeable soft pads which exhibit nothing but high-quality production and excellence just by looking at it. This machete has a fourteen inch carbon steel blade that is thoroughly covered with black epoxy powder which helps decrease the chances of rusting; also, it has a strong and durable edge as well as a thick spine that helps you effectively cut through thick items such as plants, thick wood, and even pieces of metals. Take a look at this machete and you will see that it features a full tang which helps you weather and execute continuous heavy blows without really worrying about it breaking. Moreover, the tang is also made of very thick, high-end leather that also has a belt loop riveting on it, offering you one of the most luxurious and tough items to take in the field.

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

This is one of the black kukri machete’s that feature a durable carbon-steel blade that works efficiently when it comes to clearing campsites as well as chopping off grass and weeds. Although it is a blade that only measures around 11.5-inches, it is an extremely well-made blade that is excellent for chopping and cutting various items; it also features an ergonomic handle that is made from Kraton G thermoplastic, as well as other quality materials that would make a tool of high caliber.

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

Bear is a popular brand that has created numerous knives and tools that are of the finest quality and you can definitely see the company’s effort on making nothing but the best knives for use. The Grylls Parang Machete from bear features an angled blade which makes it the best tool for slightly heavy or rigorous activities; what makes this tool even more efficient is the fact that it is made from high-carbon stainless steel, making the blade durable while keeping it easy to sharpen. Though this blade is not really strong enough to cut through thick wood, it is still efficient for other cutting tasks.

Cold Steel Jungle Machete

If you are searching for a machete for sale that is easy and convenient to carry around, then you should consider the Cold Steel Jungle Machete. This cool weapon features a sixteen-inch blade and it has an overall measurement of twenty-two inches; definitely not something that you would lug around but it is still very useful for a variety of tasks. The machete is made out of strong and sturdy 1055 carbon steel that also has a strong temper, making it almost unbreakable despite cutting through tough materials. Its weight-forward balance is also excellent for cutting through vines and the like, and its sharpened point makes it an excellent tool for slashing and skinning. However, you should remember that this machete is bulky and packs on a lot of weight so its blade will not really be that effective when it comes to cutting through thin items such as grass and such.

SOGfari Tanto Machete

The SOGfari Tanto Machete is probably one of those tools that had been designed to fit a tactical martial artist: it has a low-profile ten-inch blade together with a slimmer blade that features a pointed tip and a well-balanced distribution for better performance; these features also indicate that the machete definitely excels in a cloak and dagger situation. Furthermore, this SOGfari has an alternative saw edge that is generally useful for a lot of things such as cutting through highly-durable ropes or even a thick wooden fence; however, it could also turn into a liability especially if you are using the machete in a jungle full of trees, vines, and the like. It would possibly get stuck amid things like jungle veins or other similar plants.