Hunting Knives

Some may think that hunting is as easy as playing tag but generally, it is a difficult activity to engage in. The challenging part of hunting isn’t actually tracking your target across the prairie, nor is it lining the shot with the use of your most trusted rifle or crossbow; the difficult and most challenging stage of the hunt is when you have acquired your prize and need to clean, cleanse, and dress it. It is the trickiest part of all and this is where the real job begins, exhibiting your skills and showing everyone who’s the pro and who is not. Aside from this, it is also the time when you need to have a durable, sharp, and very handy hunting knife to make your life a little easier when it comes to finishing the job. Yet there is another challenging task when it comes to hunting and it is actually the task of selecting the best hunting knives for sale since there is a wide array of items to choose from in the market.

With that, here are the some of the best hunting knives that are available for you choose from:

Spyderco Aqua Salt Black Knife

This is a knife with a fixed blade that is genuinely 100% rustproof which is why the Aqua Salt is considered as one of the best hunting knives around. Its blade is hollow-ground and broad plus it is also made from nitrogen-based alloy which is known to be resistant to corrosion; additionally, its sheath is made from polymer that also includes a belt as well as a waist clip.

CRKT Mossback Bird and Trout Knife

This knife is great for catching any type of bird but it is also small enough for such things as trout; the knife features a three-inch drop point fixed blade that makes extremely precise and efficient cuts. When it comes to its handle, its G10 handle is extremely strong and durable, plus it also provides you with a great feel especially when you grip hard on it. Another reason why it is part of the best hunting knives around is because the knife is basically lightweight and compact, thus making it easier to carry around during your hunting adventures.


A lot of the hunting knives that are considered as the best usually feature measurements that range from 3.25 inches to 4.5 inches when it comes to the blade; however, the Case Cutlery 381 blade length goes over that range and measures at five inches of full cutting power. It also includes a genuine leather handle that has accents made of nickel to give the blade some style and appeal. As for the fixed blade, it is made up of high-quality surgical steel and works effectively when gutting and skinning. The knife is made to be deadly and extremely sharp so it definitely works great when it comes to getting the job done, but despite all of the great features of the knife, it still remains affordable and great for those on a budget.

Morakniv Garberg Knife

This is a very sought-after full tang knife that is perfectly created for bushcraft. The Garber knife is probably the toughest knife that Morakniv has ever made. It features a thick fixed blade that is made up of high-quality stainless steel from Sweden that only provides nothing but extreme durability and efficiency; additionally, it also features a Scandinavian grind profile which makes the blade easy to sharpen.

Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT Knife

The Hunter XT Folding Knife is definitely one of the best knives that can efficiently work on the regular hunting tasks and challenges that you are faced with.  The knife features a straight, drop point edged blade that is extremely sharp that is perfect for various types of cutting and slicing; not only that, but the Hunter XT Knife also features a jagged gut hook edge plus a very useful bone saw that will let you easily work and dress your game while on the field. Aside from those previously mentioned conveniences, the knife also has thumbholes right on its primary blade, making it very easy to open. When it comes to locking the knife, the mechanism keeps these blades locked tight when open.

Diamondblade Traditional Hunter

This Diamonblade knife is probably the most beautiful and appealing knife in the market that you may even have second thoughts of actually bringing it out for the hunt. The knife is not only visually appealing but it also has a fine set of excellent features such as a spear-point, 3.5-inches of quality high-carbon steel, as well as a drop-point hybrid tip to make things even better. When it comes to the knife’s handle, you can actually choose one that is made from ironwood, micarta, horn, as well as other various options available.

Cabela’s – The Alaskan Guide Series Vanguard Knife

A very fine knife that has been precision-crafted with a very keen attention to detail and quality so that the knife could be passed down for many generations; the knife is definitely made of the highest caliber since it is created by Buck Knives particularly for Cabela’s. The knife features a drop point blade that is fixed, measuring at 4 ⅛- inches and is made of a sturdy S30V steel that can definitely provide a longer lasting edge. Not only that, but the knife also comes along with a sleek leather sheath while its handle is made of the classic rosewood that is fitted with finely polished guard and brass butt.


When choosing the best hunting knives, you need to know when you’re going hunting, what you will be hunting, how often will the hunt be, and what the expected conditions are during the hunt.

To make it a little easier, bigger hunting knives are needed for big game hunters since these types of blades are necessary when it comes to skinning and cleaning; however, when it comes to hunters who prefer catching small to medium game, they would only require something that is delicate to work with without actually piercing or harming the hide. Gut hook knives are not really recommended since these usually cause further problems and these also need more maintenance compared to the regular knives that are utilized for hunting.

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