Custom Sword Cane

Numerous people in the past make use of the sword stick or the sword cane which is primarily utilized as a cane or a means of self-defense. The tool conceals a sharpened blade and it is also often used to describe olden weapons from Europe; not only that, but it also describes other weapons such as the Shikomizue from Japan or the Roman Dolon. Making use of this is one of the most discreet ways to personally protect and secure yourself from danger without attracting the attention of other individuals that are around you. Aside from being a piece to protect, it can also be used as a stylish accessory that would complement your look. A lot of people may admire its bearer for having a finely-crafted cane, but if necessary, you will have a sword ready if the need arises especially during emergency situations.

Sword canes vary in appearance and some feature solid and sturdy shafts that also double over as a secondary weapon, allowing its bearer to attack just like they were wielding a staff or perhaps, a fencing cane. Aside from these, the sword cane is also an item that can easily be pulled out, though some of these need a press button just so the blade would appear; however, there are some other sword canes that have knobs that need to be twisted then pulled to free the blade from its sheath. Depending on your choice, you can also have custom sword canes made based on your preferences.

Looking at the past, the sword cane is an item that has been around for the longest time and it was mostly utilized during the Renaissance period; here, gentlemen would use these canes as accessories and making sure that their style goes perfectly with the tool.  The sword cutlers during that time used to create such pieces mainly for the nobility and in the sixteenth century, these sword sticks were usually bestowed in wills while during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These sword sticks turned out to become sought after fashion accessories utilized by the wealthiest individuals then; however, despite its popularity among the nobility, the sword cane was still becoming less acceptable especially when it came to bringing a sword, but there were still some upper-class men who wished to take these weapons just for self-defense.

When it came to the women, swords or any form of weapons that were concealed in their parasols and walking sticks were also a popular thing but it was much more socially unacceptable for women to carry swords. If they publicly admitted that they knew how to wield and use these weapons, it was even more discouraged during that time. So because of this, gadget canes started appearing and of course, these eventually became popular amongst those who admired such things. Instead of blades, one would find flasks for storing alcohol or even compasses hidden in those gadget canes.

The Sword Cane

Malacca wood or rattan is the most commonly utilized material when it comes to these sword canes and when it comes to its regular grip, it would mostly be made spherical and metallic. In the past, there were only a few of these items to choose from yet in this day and age, one will find a variety of these which include the collector, designer, as well as the custom sword cane. The custom sword cane will allow an individual to choose what type of wood to use for the shaft and they can choose from a variety of wood which includes Malacca and bamboo.  What is great about the custom sword cane is that one can have ornate designs carved into its wooden handles and the usual designs that are made include skulls, emblems, animal heads, and a lot more; additionally, sword canes are commonly created with the use of rapier-like pointed blades that are also made of stainless steel

There are also different types of mechanisms when it comes to locking the sword cane’s blade in place but despite this, there have been records of various accidents that occur regularly due to these push to release devices; the twist-lock type of mechanisms work just fine just like with the double-lock type of mechanisms.

Legality of the Sword Cane

In numerous jurisdictions, the possession, transporting, creating or even selling sword canes is generally restrained by the law. This has always been a municipality concern instead of it being a federal one so it only means that there are different laws and nuances implemented in the different states of the country. A lot of states consider the sword cane a hidden weapon, so if a person is caught using or even carrying the tool even just for self-defense, it will land the person a huge fine or if not, they could even get sent to jail.

Sword Cane Collectors

Sword, knife and weapon collecting has always been a popular hobby all over the world and there is actually a fresh new group of collectors that aim to acquire sword canes too. Generally, sword collecting may sound really interesting and exciting to some, especially for those first time enthusiasts; these young new collectors may have found their interest in swords from shows, games, or even fantasy movies. Though it may seem like an enjoyable activity, one would still need to take the hobby seriously and should also require a sense of discipline, as well as maturity in the process.  Additionally, for those who plan to start collecting swords, it is best to remember that this is not a cheap activity; it is just like acquiring rare or historical paintings or timepieces.


Beautifully-made blades are finely grained and also have fingerprint-like patterns present due to the folds the swordsmith created during the weapon’s forging process, and the result of this is a weapon that is light and well-balanced. For collectors or practitioners who are searching for a custom sword cane to add to their collection or just for protection, one can acquire the best and highest quality custom cane sword right at Katanas for Sale. Our custom sword cane is not just any decorative item since it is durable, strong, as well as efficient for protection. So for those in search of the best sword canes, Katanas for Sale is the right place to go since we offer all types of finely-made blades that are functional, efficient, and ready to use.


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