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Knife collecting has been known as an all-time hobby and when you are a collector, you know that this includes searching, locating, obtaining, gathering, arranging, exhibiting, keeping, and of course, maintaining the quality and sharpness of the knives. If you notice, there are some enthusiasts who acquire different types of collector knives while others primarily focus on a certain area of interest: they either collect just bayonets, knives coming from a particular company, those knives that are traditionally made from other countries, handmade custom knives, Bowie knives, and a lot more.

Are you a knife collector from way back or are you just starting now? Or maybe you are just searching for an excellent hobby that will make you earn good cash; it doesn’t really matter since knife collecting is definitely one rewarding and fun activity. If you are a newbie in this field, you might think that there is not a perfect knife to consider as yours; however, you should keep in mind that there is a knife for everyone and anyone, and a lot of collectors increase their assemblage or even hold the value of their collection throughout the years, making this hobby something that they can pass on to their next generation of knife enthusiasts.

Taking a look at the collector knives most enthusiasts aim for, you cannot deny that the best items to add to one’s collection are the antique tools or those that are exhibited and sold as collectible items; these types of knives are usually at least a hundred years old but the collectible types are considered older or more vintage than antique knives. Know that most dealers and collectors utilize the word ‘vintage’ and this is to describe much older collectibles that you would definitely want to add to your collection: some of these include knives that were once considered as simple daily items but have now become collectors’ items since most of the kinds produced have either been discarded or destroyed. An example would be collector knives during World War II since the knives’ handles from that time were primarily made from zinc alloy. This has been considered as an all-time hobby since there are some knife enthusiasts who have been collecting since childhood and have continued doing so throughout their lives, occasionally modifying their collectible goals later on. Check out some of the best collector knives that you should very much include in your growing collection:

Spyderco Advocate

Spyderco’s Advocate is known as the production version of Gayle Bradley’s (custom knife maker) very first flipper-type folding knife; since he is known to be an experienced cutting champion, the knife’s aspects have been drawn into this version, creating a very sharp blade that is made from the CPM® M4 which is considered as a high-performing steel that has gained its popularity due to its excellent edge holding capabilities. The Sypderco Advocate’s PlainEdged™ blade incorporates an outstanding index finger flipper as well as a functional Trademark Round Hole™ that lets you work thoroughly with a single-handed opening process.

What’s nice about The Advocate is that its handle is made of double 3D-made scales of solid titanium and is usually ranged across their width. The knife also features a one-of-a-kind orange peel finish that provides an excellent grip as well as a striking, custom-quality look. Moreover, the handle of this knife features an open-back style that is efficient when it comes to minimizing weight while allowing you to clean the tool easily. There is also a changeable hourglass clip that gives you an easier right or left-side tip up carry. You won’t go wrong with this great rendition of Bradley’s one of a kind custom knife design and because of its outstanding features, the Advocate definitely sets new standards when it comes to high-performing flip-style folding collector knives.

Benchmade Bone Collector – 15000 Caping Fixed Blade Knife

When you are someone who enjoys fishing or hunting, this great collector knife is excellent for detailed and neat skinning of fish, fowl, and more. Take a look at its blade and you will know that it is made from quality D2 tool steel which is known to withstand heavy and rigid use in the field. We tend to lose grip on some of the knives we have, but since this specific tool is contoured with a black G10 handle and a ribcage pattern, you can expect an extra strong grip when faced with wet or slippery conditions – definitely the perfect collector knife for scraping or skinning.

Schrade Extreme Survival Viper

The brand Schrade has a large number of different types of collector knife models yet all of these are brilliantly and thoroughly designed to provide you with a well-made, efficient, and economical tool. This specific type of knife is sharp enough to work on jobs faster than expected; plus, it also features a safety mechanism on its side which is generally impressive and useful for daily use. To make it even more impressive, this Schrade knife also has a black 3.35-inch tanto blade that is accompanied by tough aluminum handles, a glass breaker, locking safety device, as well as a finger actuator, making it an extremely cool collector knife that you should definitely get your hands on. However, you will need to familiarize yourself with its features so you can fully enjoy the knife’s effectiveness and power.

Browning Full Damascus Folding Knife

Need a trusty tool during your hunting trips? Then this is the best collector knife that should be part of your growing assemblage. The Browning® Full Damascus Folding Knife has an extremely durable blade that comes with a sturdy handle – a product of excellent hot-forging and proper layering of high-quality steel. This gives it a very unique appearance as well as a powerful cutting edge that is very sharp and easy to sharpen. The most notable feature of the Damascus’ steel is that the patterns slightly differ, making each of these collector knives a one-of-a-kind work of art that you will be proud to pass down to your next generation of knife enthusiasts.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Every knife collector knows of Buck, and their 110 Folding Hunter is definitely one of the favorites among most knife enthusiasts around. This is the company’s most sought-out folding knife which was created all the way back in the year 1963. This was the year when Al Buck thought that every adventurer who loved the outdoors needed an innovative and useful lock-blade knife without having to carry around a very long and fixed blade knife. It was definitely the right idea which led to the company’s great future; however, the challenge of creating this blade was to combine the effectiveness, strength, as well as the other excellent features of folding knives that have locking mechanisms while keeping its appearance visually appealing. A sequence of refinements and changes were made until the Model 110 was revealed, and within a few months after its release, the Buck 110 became among the best collector knife in the industry.



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