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When you are a knife enthusiast or just started getting into collecting these things, you have probably heard about the Buck Knives by now; Buck Knives is known as an American knife company that was founded in the year 1902. The company is greatly known for their utility, excellence, as well as the quality items that they offer in the field, and Buck also produces a plethora of bladed tools such as field knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, as well as various sports knives.

Furthermore, they are also known for promoting folding knives by enforcing the utilization of their popular Model 110’s back lock mechanism. Ever since that time, the company got the chance to branch out, creating more excellent blades like survival knives and fixed blades – things that you definitely should get your hands on and add to that growing collection of yours. Though if you take a look at Buck’s designs and compare them to the other knives around, yes, they look simple and all, but do not get fooled by its simplicity since they always aim to make the best knives with using the toughest, highest-quality materials that are great for any individual who enjoys outdoor adventures.

We’ve got a list of some of the very best Buck Knives around; you need to have at least one of these in your pocket, or a few to add to your knife collection:


This is one of the good stuff from Buck and it’s made from genuine 440A steel; it is a great tool for numerous uses since the company utilized a classic drop-point blade to give it the traditional high-quality touch of Buck. If you think the Nobleman’s just all that, you are wrong; the Nobleman is also finely coated with titanium to give it a less reflective appearance though without really robbing the knife of its sleek and dashing look. We’re going to talk about the most important part of the Nobleman; the handle of this popular Buck knife makes it extremely elegant and durable since the company made use of stainless steel accompanied by a carbon fiber print – a feature that gives the knife a respectable and dashing look that also prevents the price from going too high for your pocket.


This awesome tool features a blade measuring about 8.3 centimeters long and has a full length of about 19.1 centimeters in total. Buck’s Paradigm Pro also weighs an acceptable 4.8 ounces which is basically a common thing to expect when you are looking at a strongly built knife created by Buck. Yes, it can look a little chunky but make no mistake since the Paradigm Pro may be a little thick but you can let it slide comfortably right into your jeans’ pocket. It also has a useful pocket clip that can easily adjust comfortably and properly once you keep it concealed in your pockets. Additionally, it is just like every other high-end knives from Buck, this one is made in the United States so you can only expect the best and highest quality knife in your hands.


A little tough guy here that just weighs around 3 ounces, but it can definitely work its blade through rigorous tasks despite having just a little blade there. If you take a look at this knife, you will reminisce a bit on the knives from Spyderco since the Spitfire is considered as Buck’s return and rebirth. It is definitely a lighter, leaner, but still an effective and vicious tool that can readily take on any challenging workday task that will be thrown at you. This Spitfire Buck Knife also makes use of the 420HC which is also used in a lot of Buck knives – the only difference is when you include the plated aluminum handle, an aggressively fine drop-point, as well as a piece that is formed perfectly for concealment, you will definitely get a something that is far from little and fragile. The Spitfire can definitely be compared with a lot of the big knives out there, and even the expensive ones can be compared to this little guy; but surprisingly, the Spitfire can be smaller compared to the other knives out there but it can definitely last longer since it has a much greater longevity aspect compared to a lot of its peers.

BUCK 110

Buck 110 is one of those knives made by the company that is often imitated but can never be duplicated; this knife from Buck features the usual brass bolster that is primarily paired up with the Dymondwood handle, but what makes this even better is the unlimited warranty from Buck. The knife’s got a belt sheath that is made from genuine and high-quality leather that also works as a great place to keep the tool regularly; if this isn’t your thing, you can easily slip the knife into your pocket for some old-school and easy-going action. This knife might not be quick but you know that Buck 110 is definitely one of those long-lasting knives that will last a lifetime; the design is also sleek, elegant, as well as timeless so you can expect it to look perfect even for the longest time.


This series all began with Buck’s 110 Folding Hunter which is a big hit among individuals in the Navy who latch these heavy-duty tools to their sailor belts; however, a couple of soldiers got into a brawl and attacked each other using these knives. Since then, their captain issued decree regarding the knives being carried by these soldiers; the allowed knives should only have a blade length of a specific size. Buck, of course, took the initiative to create a knife that was appropriate for these soldiers, and thus, created the Buck 112 Ranger. A lot of knife enthusiasts know about this traditional favorite and it is a closed 4 ¼-inches in length. This is also one of the company’s handy knives and it is Buck’s standard blades since it can perfectly withstand high-carbon alloys while at the same time, delivers excellent resistance to corrosion from chromium stainless steel. Think that’s all? There’s more to this knife than you thought; its blade is very easy to sharpen so you don’t have to worry about it getting all dull after some cutting. If you notice its crescent tip, it made this way to keep the blade slimmer with an even sharper point so you can have proper control for more detailed jobs, and the shape is also excellent for cutting through tight areas.

We all know that Buck became extremely popular and known because of their creation of the folding hunting knife, and their most iconic Model 110 is probably their best and most famous tool of all. Some perceive the Buck Knives as old tools in the knife community, but since this is the company that has created your father’s, grandfather’s, and most probably even your great, great grandfather’s knives, you will definitely make no mistake when you purchase one of the best Buck Knives available since every piece that they create are of the highest and most authentic materials around.

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