Bowie Knife

Look around and you will find a diversity of knives that are being sold on the market today, and together with these are chronicles and long histories of how these knives came to be. Aside from their story, you will also learn that almost every culture present has a specific style of knife that is exhibitive of their unique history and culture. An example would be the Khukuri or Kukri knives from Nepal that feature a one-of-a-kind appearance where its blade’s shape curves inwards; another would be the Scottish Dirk which is known as the ceremonial and traditional sidearm of officers from the Scottish Highland. However, when you think about the knives in America, there are actually a few good ones that can claim this specific status; but even if this is the case, it can be safe to say that the bowie knives are the closest thing to this.

Not really sure what a bowie knife is? Well, it is actually a fighting knife created by a man named James Black during the nineteenth century; this was for Jim Bowie who became popular for using big knives in the Sandbar Fight. If you compare this with other knives, you will see its distinct and unique features which can actually help you distinguish the knife easily. It incorporates a couple of interesting characteristics and designs but when it comes to describing it for regular usage, the term bowie knife will refer to any sheathed knife that has a clip point and crossguard. A lot of knife collectors still consider these as excellent pieces which is why these bowie knives are still popular among knife hobbyists. If you are one of them, then you should definitely have at least one of the best bowie knives in your collection.

Generally speaking, knives can have blades that feature any possible length but if we are talking about the bowie knives, these need to have blades that are about six inches long to be considered as actual and real bowie knives. You are probably thinking of the other defining features present in this type of knife; well aside from its uniquely fixed design, the tip of the bowie knife’s blade is also one of its defining features. While most of the knives that are present – whether these are knives of antique or modern origin – have tips that are lined perfectly with the blade’s back or spine, the bowie knife does not; in fact, the point of the knife was made lower than the spine because of several reasons: first off, this positioning gives you better control of the knife tip when in use. Second, it will give you better penetration since its tip is much smaller than it would have been if it had the tip of a regular design.

The Design of Bowie Knives

Certain types of knives have their own distinct design and when it comes to the Bowie knives, it follows the design and style created by James Black, a knife maker. He made the knife appear with an even more clipped and blunt tip which is completely different from the later models that had swooping curves. If you noticed, Black also created an S-shaped guard with its lower guard positioned back right at trd rihe handle’s butt; as for the upper guard, he made it bend forwaght at the knife’s tip. Black intentionally created the knife this way to help you catch, block, and if possible, even counter your enemy’s blade during a knife challenge or fight.

Features of the Best Bowie Knives

Thinking of the features of this knife? There are only three key features that give the Bowie knife its distinct appearance and its single-edged blade is one of the knife’s defining aspects; you can also add its Spanish Notch which is present in many of these blades. Aside from this, its blade with an upward tip gives the knife its distinct appearance, and it also comes in handy when you will need to skin or butcher carcass after a successful hunt. You will know that you have the best Bowie knives if all these characteristics are present; however, before you even head out for hunting or if you just plan to take it with you, make sure to check the laws of your state when it comes to these blades just to avoid you from having to deal with issues and problems in the future.

Choosing the Best Bowie Knives

You probably know that these knives have been around for centuries but do you really have any idea how to choose a good one that is not all just for show and appearance? There are actually quite a number of different Bowie’s around and there are a select few that you can consider as the best ones around. Consider this as a quick guide to help you learn all about the best Bowie knife that is available.

Do you have any certain preferences when choosing your Bowie knife? What are the things that you consider when selecting that perfect one? If you think about it, there are tons of important aspects to consider when choosing the right knife for you and of course, this also applies to the Bowie knife that you will be selecting. When it comes to its construction, you should remember not to buy those non-full tang Bowie knives; it is a large and somewhat weighty knife and you surely do not want this to break or split into two.

For its length, it really depends on what you plan to use the knife for so you should definitely choose the proper length of the blade and the whole knife. Think about this – yes, you will definitely look cool and tough by taking a Bowie knife that is around 20-inches, but it is not going to be something practical especially when you plan to use this for hunting or camping. The ideal length for the best Bowie knife would be around 12-inches. Finally, the materials used to put together the knife should be of high-quality: go for a Bowie knife that is made of carbon or stainless steel and the handle should also be made of high-quality materials. Get something that will not let your hand slip easily, giving you a better grip on the knife.


The bottom line is that there are tons of knives out in the market and you just need to choose the right one that will fit your needs; the choices are almost endless for both the general user and hunter. Pick one type or another, it is all up to you depending on your requisites and needs because there is definitely no wrong choice when selecting the best knife. If you are sure to get your own Bowie knife, just ensure that you are in an area that does not prohibit or restrict the carrying of these types of blades to avoid getting into trouble in the future.

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