Best Survival Knives Reviews

If you ever find yourself in a situation where survival is necessary, you would definitely need a knife to keep you safe and ready for anything. A survival knife is something that you’d need by your side for any type of urgent situation and this is better than just any simple pocket knife to survive with.

Numerous types of survival knives are available in the market today so choosing the best one can be a little bit of a challenge. Just keep in mind that there are different factors that need to be considered when selecting the one for you such as its function, add-ons included with the knife, durability, as well as its steel cut. Here, we’ll give you a list of some of the best survival knives that are available so you can readily choose which one is perfect for your needs and preferences.

Mule Field Folder Survival Knife
From Ka-Bar

If you’re searching for a durable, efficient, and quality-made survival knife that is sized adequately to match with a bigger survival knife, then the Mule Field Folder Knife from Ka-Bar is definitely the best choice for you; it’s a knife that pairs effectively with other heavy-duty knives and it is just as convenient. The blade measures under four inches and is made using AUS-8A grade steel; and with its weight, you know that the Mule Field is reliable for tasks that are heavier and this can withstand more abuse and force compared to other knives around.

Force – Fixed Blade Knife
From SOG Specialty Knives and Tools

The Force knife from SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, or simply SOG is something that everyone needs for survival. It features a slim profile but has a length of six inches and a clip-point fixed blade; and with its profile, the Force makes it easy for you to cut through smaller twigs and splinter large wood with perfect ease. The great thing about SOG’s Force is that it is crafted using AUS-8 steel and also features a full tang which makes it close to unbreakable. For its handle, the Force has a slim handle made from impact & abrasion-resistant, and a highly durable glass reinforced nylon for more efficiency. The best thing about this survival knife is that it comes with a lifetime warranty which goes against manufacturing defects.

The 6P
From ESEE Knives

The 6P from ESEE Knives is a simple-edged survival knife that is made from HC 1095 steel and has a full tang which makes it even better. All knives from ESEE are made of excellence and quality so this also goes for the 6P; additionally, the 6P’s handle is also made from grey-linen Micarta which is a resin-type handle that is known to be strong and highly durable.

Tom Brown Tracker T3
From TOPS Knives

This survival knife is featured in the movie called The Hunted and it is also a knife that’s widely accepted as one of the best and more durable survival knives available today. The knife is made in the USA and features a clip-point design; it also features a flat ground and the blade’s back edge is made jagged for additional strength for chopping activities. The Tracker T3 has an overall measurement of 10.75 inches while its blade measures at 5.5 inches; its cutting edge is long while the blade is thick enough, making it close to perfect for any kind of use. When it comes to the blade, it is made of ATS34 stainless steel while its handle is made from linen Micarta with an eye-catching grain design that is sculpted in. The Tracker T3’s handle is excellent for gripping with perfect texture and adequate scaling to provide you with a solid hold on the tool.

A1 Survival Knife
From Fallkniven

The A1 Survival Knife has a full tang blade and is made of VG-10 steel, so you can expect that this knife can readily withstand years of heavy use and stress. The knife has a natural and smooth grip together with a lanyard loop that can be found on its end. The A1 is easy to carry around your hip and with its leather sheath, it will allow you to carry the survival knife upside down. It is also abrasion-resistant and can withstand extreme rain or temperatures which make it an excellent survival knife for numerous tasks. As an added bonus, if you purchase the A1 Survival Knife from Fallkniven’s official site, you can have your knife personalized by engraving.

From Buck Knives

The Hoodlum from Buck is a contemporary masterpiece that measures at 15.5 inches overall while its blade is about 10 inches. It weighs twenty-two ounces and is generally easy to carry but we don’t really suggest the Hoodlum for backpackers or for people who don’t really want to carry heavy packs while on the go. The Hoodlum is made from 5260 alloy steel with powder coating for better corrosion-resistance

Bush Craft G10
From Spyderco

The Bush Craft is a much smaller survival knife with a length of just 8.75 inches; its blade measures 4.1 inches and is made from 0 – 1 steel which is specifically a tool steel with high carbon content, silicon, manganese, tungsten, vanadium, and chromium. The steel isn’t commonly utilized for survival knives but it has excellent resistance; additionally, the blade will rust if you don’t care for it properly since 0 – 1 steel isn’t stainless. The G10 handle of the survival knife is laminated with a black fiberglass base and is contoured while also incorporating an auxiliary lanyard hole.

SE-38-N Force
From SOG Specialty Knives and Tools

Another great choice for a survival knife is the SE-38-N Force from SOG which is a lightweight piece that measures around 10.5 ounces; though even if the knife isn’t that heavy, it is durable and highly effective for a lot of cutting tasks. The SE-38-N features a clip point and is made from AUS 8 stainless steel; it also has a decent straight edge that can be sharpened with ease. Its handle is made from GFN or glass reinforced nylon and is ergonomically sculpted with adequate texture that provides outstanding grip without any abrasions or hot spots. The SE-38-N is also an excellent tool for slicing, chopping, prying, and carving while the tang’s butt end can be utilized for breaking glass.

USMC Knife

The USMC is the knife that inspired all the rest of the survival knives around and it still continues its job even after years of its debut. The knife weighs at 11.2 ounces and has an overall length of 11.87 inches; it has a handle made out of leather or Kraton plus a powdered metallic butt cap. The 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel blade’s clip point is adequately thick for penetrating and prying but it isn’t too thick to hinder your abilities of dicing and slicing.

The LMF II Survival Knife
From Gerber

The LMF II from Gerber is an excellent survival knife and is also great if you’re searching for a budget-friendly knife that still delivers versatility and quality. The blade of this survival knife is crafted from 420-HC stainless steel and its handle that is crafted from nylon is specifically made to adequately absorb shock. The knife also comes in a sheath with a steel sharpener incorporated into it to ensure that your LMF II keeps its edge for a longer period; moreover, the blade is semi-serrated for cutting ropes while its butt cap can also be utilized for breaking glass. Overall, the LMF II Survival Knife from Gerber is one durable and strong knife that is great for multipurpose use.

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